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                  Wuhan Feite Electric Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in producing vacuum interrupters. Our company has a group of experts and technicians who have been specialized in producing vacuum interrupters for more than thirty years, and enjoys the tax preferential policy as a hi-tech enterprise. Products and technology of our company Our company has developed 1.14kv-40.5kv vacuum swit...
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ZKTD630/12-20 TD3141EB2
ZKTD630/12-20 TD3141EC
ZKTF1250/40.5-25 TF52401
ZKTD1600/24-31.5 TD42602GF
ZKTD1600/24-31.5 TD42601GF
ZKTD3150/24-40 TD46801F
ZKTD2000/24-31.5 TD44601F
ZKTD1250/24-25 TD42501F
ZKTJ630/24-6.3 TJ4340
ZKTD2000/40.5-31.5 TD546CD
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